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Wooden furniture

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CH22 | Lounge Chair

oak, oil, natural paper cord, back: walnut

Normal cleaning and maintenance of wooden furniture – all surface treatments

Wood is a living and natural material and, therefore, should always be cleaned as gently as possible. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth ensures that the furniture always looks nice and patinates beautifully. In principle, all types of furniture, with the exception of tabletops, do not need to be re-treated. Never apply harsh cleaning agents when cleaning the furniture.

Wood and daylight

The color of the wood matures as the furniture is exposed to daylight. The biggest change in the color most often occurs at the beginning of the furniture’s life. Vases, placemats, ornaments or throws can leave darkened areas on the wood’s surface if they are put in the same place for a longer period. It is, therefore, a good idea to leave the larger wooden surfaces uncovered for the first few months the furniture is being used. To avoid marks from ornaments and the furniture drying out, solid wood furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight.

Wood and water

Solid wood furniture cannot withstand water or other liquids in large quantities. If liquid is spilled on the furniture, it should be wiped up immediately to avoid damage and discoloration of the wood. Greater amounts of water can cause cracks in the wood and warp the furniture. Minor stains or water spots should also be removed immediately as they can leave marks on the surface which will subsequently be difficult to remove later.

Wood and humidity

Humidity has a great influence on solid wood furniture. Wood breathes and works and adapts naturally to the environment it is in. Solid wood furniture should not be put in a room where the humidity fluctuates greatly as larger fluctuations in humidity can cause cracks in the wood and contribute to loosening the joints.

Solid wood furniture should not be placed close to heat sources such as radiators and wood stoves or stored in unheated rooms.

Wood and appearance

Wood is a natural material and, therefore, no two pieces will be alike. Minor knobs, visible growth marks and color variations are a part of the wood’s natural look. The parts in the individual piece of furniture are always assembled according to color shade and structure, so that the piece of furniture looks beautiful and complete. There can be variations in color shades and texture from one piece of furniture to another.

Danish design

Authentic experience

Up to 5 years warranty*

When you choose a product from Carl Hansen & Søn, you get more than just a piece of furniture. You will become part of a long and proud tradition of beautiful and distinctive craftsmanship where nothing is left to chance. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, and we also manufacture furniture created by renowned furniture designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Børge Mogensen, Ole Wanscher, Kaare Klint, Poul Kjærholm, Bodil Kjær, and Tadao Ando. Carl Hansen & Søn represents more than 100 years of Danish design history, and our furniture is sold worldwide.


*Indoor furniture 5 years warranty. Outdoor furniture 2 years warranty

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