CH24 Wishbone Chair: A Timeless Icon

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With a form that is uniquely its own, the CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner holds a special place in the world of modern design. This iconic chair was the first chair Wegner designed for Carl Hansen & Søn in 1949 and has been in continuous production ever since. To commend this valuable partnership and journey of extraordinary design, Carl Hansen & Søn now offers selected variants of the CH24 Wishbone Chair in oak at a special price for a limited time only. The offer is valid until November 30th, 2023.


Explore all campaign variants below.

Added extra comfort with custom cushions

CH24 | Wishbone Chair

FSCā„¢-certified oak, oil, natural paper cord

CU CH24 | Cushion for the Wishbone Chair

Leather Loke 7150

Hans J. Wegner

1914 - 2007

Hans J. Wegner is considered one of the most creative, innovative and productive Danish furniture designers. Wegner, also known as the ‘Master of the Chair’, designed more than 500 chairs during his career – many of which are considered masterpieces. Wegner is probably best known for his iconic Wishbone Chair, which has been in continuous production since 1950.
At the heart of Wegner’s legacy is his unique ability to express the inner soul of furniture through a simple and functional exterior. 

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