At Carl Hansen & Søn, we aim to pass on a sustainable legacy of craftsmanship, one iconic piece at a time. After pledging to reduce our CO2 emission by 25% by 2025, we partnered with Danish environmental consultancy MÅLBAR to measure the climate footprint of our products. Their screening tool provides valuable data about the impact of materials, production methods, packaging, transport, waste, and more. With these insights in mind, we can make more responsible design and production choices.

By 2025, we plan to present climate footprint measures on our entire product assortment. Explore the comparative emission of a CH24 Wishbone Chair in oak soap and natural paper cord below.

Total climate emission 13 KG CO2-e.
This climate emission is the approximate equivalent of:

60 km
of driving in an average car

of movie streaming

1.7 DAYS
of heating an average home

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